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This Challenge is for you if you are:

  • sick and tired of your current financial results
  • worried that you do not have enough to support your family
  • unsure how to grow your income
  • struggling with your everyday expenses
  • out of control with your debt
  • actively searching for new ways to grow your income
  • ready to take full responsibility for your situation
  • eager to learn how 1% of top Earners think and manage their wealth

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About Sylvia Kornas

Sylvia Kornas is a Wealth Mindset and Success Coach working alongside Bob Proctor to help Entrepreneurs to develop a mindset for happiness, wealth, and abundance. Sylvia helps high achievers and leaders to Think into Results. For the past 10 years, she was heavily invested in personal development and self-growth. Sylvia is a walking and talking example, that your future results are independent from your current circumstances. Bob Proctor, her mentor, helped her to discover how to achieve enormous success in business and life. It's nothing more than just a process. Today, Sylvia help others to bridge the gap between their reality and vision for success.