"You are not responsible for who you are,but you are responsible for changing it!"

Bob Proctor

What if you could...

Stop procrastinating

Overcome that feeling of inability to complete simple tasks that may be the key to completely different results in life.

Stop doubting your abilities

Create a new Self Image that will empower you to keep you moving towards your goals.

Stop the negative selftalk

Turn doubts and limitations into confidence and encouragement.

Stop worrying about money

Overcome money beliefs that stop you from growing your business.

Focus on your passion

Become an expert in your field by doing what you love.

Accelerate your results

You can create new results at a pace you have never imagined possible before.

Multiply your income

Unlock the potential that is inside of you to create new possibilities for growth of your business.

Find out Who you really are

Start a journey of self-discovery to understand who you really are.

How can I help you...

We live in times where 'THE HOW' is easily accessible. We know how to complete any task, no matter whether in personal life or in business. Yet, despite knowing how to grow our business, increase sales, attract more clients, loose weight etc., we are not doing the things that we already know how to do.

It all comes down to US. My mentor Bob Proctor has spent his entire life studying why most of people don't do what they already know how to do, and how they can change it. By using his tools and my accountability and support, I will help you to break through all of your limitations and create Results that you deeply desire.

In order to create new results in your life, you need to understand how they happen in the first place. The root cause. And only then, you can move forward in the direction that you desire.

We will create the NEW You.

You that You always wanted to be.

"You will need a telescope to look back where you were."

Bob Proctor

I'm Sylvia.

For the past 15 years, I tried to understand, where the results in our life come from, and more importantly, how to change them. I've read the books, I've watched the Youtube videos, completed Akashic Records and Matrix Energetics trainings, I've got two business degrees, yet my results haven't changed much. I felt overworked, underpaid and unappreciated.

When I started to study Bob Proctor's material, I immediately knew that I'm closer to finding my answers. I was so fascinated by Bob's teachings that I have decided to become his mentoree.

Only then, when I understood how our mind operates, how our beliefs and habits control our results, I was able to take all the teachings and apply them in my life and my family's life.

Our results have sky rocketed. Not only we were able to manifest our boy Alex (despite being told by doctors that I will never be a mother), but we have also built multiple, successful businesses. Along with my husband, we have become so fascinated by Bob's knowledge, that we have decided to help others to get unstuck in life.

Today, I work alongside Bob Proctor to wake up people to limitless possibilities and opportunities found around us.

Are you ready for a completely NEW You?

Find out if coaching is right for you.

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I help my clients to create Freedom, Abundance and Clarity in Life.

No matter where you are in life right now, you are able to accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Unfortunately, self doubt, attitude and non-productive habits will stop us from moving forward.

I will help you set a goal that is so big, that will make you excited and scared at the same time. As Bob says, huge goals bring growth in our life but also show us what is really possible for us to achieve.

We will work through your limiting beliefs and habits that stop you from achieving whatever you set your mind to. There are no limitations to what you can achieve.

We will strenghten your self-image, so nothing will be able to stop you from going after your goals.

Changes in your life, in order to be permanent, needs to be rooted deep in your subconscious mind. Bob Proctor has developed a step by step process to do exactly that. Once implemented, changes are permanent for the rest of your life.

Are you ready for a change?

Our spiritual DNA is perfect.

It requires no modification or improvement.

It's all-knowing, all-powerful and ever-present.

That's the real you.

What you must improve is the awareness of this perfection that's resonant within you.

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How to get unstuck and take back control over your thoughts, feelings and results

What you will learn during the webinar: πŸŒŸ The reason you know what to do, but still you don’t do it (like lose weight) πŸŒŸ Why the law of attraction isn’t working for you πŸŒŸ Why it's not your fault where you are in life right now πŸŒŸ How your emotions control your actions and results πŸŒŸ The one thing that is holding you back from the life that you really want

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